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 XP DEUS available, and best price too. Choose coil size 9" or 11", headphone type, either back phone, or full sized, and give me a call or email.

 XP Deus traning videos here;

 Garrett Pin Pointer AT Available NOW ! 

 Makro Racer Available now

 New Fisher F11, F22 weather proof, and F44 weatherproof, coming soon.


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• Gold officially discovered in 1858

• From 1862 to 1974 1.1 Million OZ's reported to the government, actual amounts are no

  doubt 2 to 3 times this figure, due to "highgrading" the coarse, nuggety gold.

• Nova Scotia's gold is some of the purist in the world at 97% gold

• one nugget weighed 27 OZs !!

• Over 90 different gold districts. Water courses in these areas as well as along the Atlantic

 coast, provide areas where you can pan and metal detect for the elusive metal.

• Over 5000 shipwrecks litter Nova Scotia's coast, more than anywhere else in North America.

• Some of the oldest settlements in the new world,  relic and coin hunting.

• In short, the possibilities are very good for the Treasure Hunter right here in Nova Scotia.



                                Gold Quartz

     Nice piece of gold quartz from Nova Scotia. 

     More like it are waiting to be found.

    With gold's recent rise in price,  a very small piece = $1000.00

     The time is right to be treasure a hunter,

     Metal Detecting is fun (the thrill of the hunt) and good for you,

     fresh air and exercise. Most of us could use more of both.

    Need a mineral Map ? free PDF download.   CLICK




    Even though not listed on these pages all

    White's  detector models are available.

     Call or write for current best price.



         Detector Pro, Headhunter Pirate

      no control box, it's all in the headphones

  Hunt water to your neck, no worries about rain

    Price only $ 365.00 out the door

              For more details visit

           DetectorPro Pirate Page