I'm not a seller of E-bikes, but have been wanting one for a long time, and have studied them for a long time. I need one to get to those hard to get to sites, those old cellar holes in the middle of nowhere. I have test rode a couple models. I liked the Giant twist, but has been discontinued, and an IGO mid-drive, but it was under powered IMO as a mid drive.
 Recently found the Biktrix website a Canadian Company. 
  The Stunner available soon, at end of December. Commuter Comfort Cruiser type.
They are taking pre-orders now for this model. I'll be offering test rides when I get mine.It seems the price going up On Dec. 21, If you happen to get one of these nice mid drive bikes tell Roshan that Rick from Sweet Dreams sent you.
 And the Juggernaut, a fat tired mountain type. Available now.
My Stunner arrived Jan. 11, and luckily it was plus 8 c. so I got to give it a test ride.
My first impressions of this bike is it is VERY nice. It's sturdy, at 50 pounds if you shake it side to side there is no wobble. The wheels were perfectly straight, myself being quite "fussy" I usually had to true the wheels a bit on any new bike I bought before. Most important to me is the POWER. I live on English Mountain Road, when I leave the house I have to go up a 7-8% grade, according to Google Earth, about all a normal person can do, I would often zig-zag to make it easier, this thing went right up with no pedaling at all at 12KPH...I was impressed. With some pedaling on the same hill in 3rd gear I was able to go 22KPH, and I wasn't pedaling hard either.
The bike is very comfortable, the handle bars come up quite a bit and the seat has a lot of adjustment too so would fit riders of all sizes. It's got a nice little head light that is powered by the main battery, the tail light is powered by 2 AAA's. I even like the color which in real life seems more black than the stock grey looking photo from the website.
I got to take it for another ride the next day, but with the wind chill I only made it about 10Ks before my fingers were froze. It is fun to feel the power when you shift power levels or shift into a higher gear.
Awesome Bike.