Metal Detecting Finds

All of the items on this page have been found in Nova Scotia while metal detecting.

These are just some of the results of Treasure Hunting found by myself and others.

Yes, there were a few pennies, and pull tabs in between.


Below, 10K gold ring.

18th century french coin, circa 1795 to 1799, quite a scarce find. 



   Silver item Military or commerative ?                           1903 large cent

below; Silver, and black Onyx ring.                              10 K gold ring



Above, the Silver N Gold by ND in 2009

Above right, some finds by NP in 2009

Right, Some finds by PY in 2009

Below left, My 1864 USA 2 cent piece 2010

Below right, 17th crucifix by HB in 2009

Bottom 14K white gold, by me 2010


my 2010 season reviewed

2011 as they come

2011 season in review

2012 as they come

2012 season in review