Fisher, first metal detector on the planet.


 Gold Bug 2


Ledgendary gold finding machine, a bit old now, but still does what it was designed to do.Visit "Alaska's Largest Nuggets " to see what those guys use to find them. Six, ten, and fourteen inch coils available.

Price,  Call/Write for current.

How to Ground Balance a Gold Bug (or any detector) described in my own words.

**GOLD BUG PRO** discontinued

**F2** sadly discontinued as well


    1280x Aquanaut

 An under water detector. (Up to 200 ft.)

 Of course you can use it on land too,

 and not have to worry about the rain.

 Comes with underwater phones

 8 or 10.5 inch coils

 Price, call for current



 Manual Ground Balance. Good mid range detector

 Said to work well on salt beaches

 10 inch eliptical coil

 Price $ 700.oo

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    F75 Gold NEW PRICING !

  Well the naming of this detector couldn't be more complicated

it came out as special edition, anniversary edition, then limited

edition, black, now gold. Bottom line is the F75 Gold is an upgraded

version of the original F75, it runs much quieter, and is now cheaper.

  F75's (all) Good tone ID, Very fast responce

  sensitivity and depth are second to none

 coin sized objects to 15-16 inches (my testing is more like 13-14")

 switchable frequencies, mineralization tracking

 automatic and manual ground balancing

 useful for prospecting, and reviews are very good

 F75 Gold $ 790.oo (out the door) IN STOCK

 F75's will work on salt beaches HOW TO

   Click here for spec sheet

 F75 LTD 2 coils, and Boost $ 1550.oo (out the door)


F 70

Shares some features of the F75

Same frequency, coils, batter placement.

Also has sililar ground grab feature.

Select up to 4 tones or delta pitch.

 $ 795.00 (out the door)

 Fisher Videos here


 Other Fisher's

 F44 @ $500.oo

 F4 @ $575.00

 F5 @ $700.00

 F70 @ $935.00

 Gemini III @ $840.00

 CZ 21 (8" coil) @ $1950.00

 Fisher accessories

 Heavy duty carry bag

 Hard Case (suit casestyle)

 All FISHER models are available, accessory coils, headphones, etc.

For More Info call (902) 678 7264 or write via ContactUs Page