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*Available Now AT Max*


               Garrett AT Max
      Waterproof, and now wireless too
     Backlit screen, bigger ID numbers
  I've said for awhile now if I had to have only one
  detector AT Pro would be it, now it's AT Max
         Price $1050.00 out the door


                                AT Pro

   The first lightweight land detector that is waterproof.

  Numerical target ID, Auto and Manual ground balance

             DD Coil, Waterproof to 10 feet

               Price $ 820.oo out the door

                       AT Pro Details

                   My Review of AT Pro

         AT Pro with two coils $960.00


         Garrett Ace 200i
     Now with T.I.D. numbers
   replacing the older ace series
    price $250.00 out the door
   Ace 300i $375.00 out the door
   Ace 400i $500.00 out the door


 ACE 250

 Rugged, modern and very popular detector

 Graphic Target ID and Depth * Turn-on-and-go

 Pinpointing button * 5 hunting modes

 2.7 Pounds * 4 AA batteries * Nice Video * 2 year Warranty

  price $305.00 (out the door)

 9 X 12 PROformance coil for Ace 130.00

 Rain cover 17.00

 Carry bag 20.00




 This is the same Ace 250 but comes with 5 bonus items

 1, a carry bag 2, set of headphones 3, 9X12 search coil

 4, rain cover 5 small book "how to find treasure"

 only $425.00 (out the door)




 This is the machine that Mel Fisher found the

 "ATOCHA" with, need I say more.

 Very easy to use, includes submersible headphones..

 About the only water detector left that's not hard 

 wired to the coil, and headphones, handy feature.

 out the door $925.00





  Other Garretts


  AT Gold $950.00

  GTI 2500 $1350.00

  GTI 2500 W eagle eye $1650.00

  ATX $3000.00

  Pro pointer II $160.00

  Pro Pointer AT $180.00

  Super Scanner $250.00

  All Garrett models are available

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