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Metal Detector Reviews

Read reviews on most makes and models here

Nova Scotias Prospectors Association

A good place to start, learn, and meet others

Land of the Bluenose Forum

A local Nova Scotia forum, hosted by Leslie

On The Rocks

Shipwrecks off Nova Scotia, you won't believe how many

Moose River Gold Mines

Dedicated to the disaster of 1936

Jobe Outdoor Products

Metal Detecting, Prospecting equipment, and more

Prospecting Forums, + much more, Steve H.


Other non Detecting related sites


Canada Post

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No, I'm not a seller of E-bikes, but I've been studying them for quite some time, and these

Canadian sold bikes seem the best to me with the mid drive system for the "right" balance

of power, and speed, using the bikes gears is only logical.

I figure they will get me to any old site be it deep in the woods, or up that mountain road.

Call Roshan of Biktrix at 306 262 1967

My choice is the stunner new for this year, but maybe the mountain type Juggernaut is more for you ?

Price is apparently going up on Dec. 21 If you happen to get one of these bikes tell Roshan

That Rick from Sweet Dreams sent you.